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About Us

RSNB Bank opened for business at its original location on South Main Street across from the Union Pacific depot June 10, 1892. That building still stands with engraving "National Bank of 1892" on its facade. John W. Hay, Sr. became president in 1907. Over the next 40 years, Mr. Hay oversaw the growth and management of the bank, including construction of a new building which sat on the corner of C and South Front Streets from 1909 until 1970.

Through good fortune and the hard work of its employees, the community bank thrived. Abundant coal, oil and gas deposits, coupled with plentiful grazing land, carried both the town and RSNB Bank through world wars and the Great Depression. John W. Hay, Sr. had a great love for the surrounding country and the workers in this area who made their living from the production of its resources.

In 1947, John W. Hay, Jr. assumed leadership of the bank when his father retired. In his new capacity, John, Jr. continued his father's practice of financing efforts to develop resources in the area. As the railroad converted from steam to diesel engines in the early 1950s, the town found itself on the down side of a boom-and-bust cycle. At this time, Mountain Fuel Supply discovered a large deposit of sodium carbonate (trona) while drilling for gas on a tract of land leased by John, Jr. The hole was dry but the trona represented enormous potential. Through many phone calls and meetings, John, with others, found a company interested in developing the mineral resource. Once again, area miners of many different nationalities went back to work and the community prospered.

John W. Hay, Jr. was challenged in the 1970s as the southwestern-Wyoming economy entered a boom. The trona mines expanded and natural gas exploration and development proliferated. Two new coal mines were opened and construction on a new 2000-megawatt power plant started east of Rock Springs. As this business expansion began, Mr. Hay oversaw completion of a new bank building at 333 Broadway in early 1970. Again, with the help of dedicated employees and loyal customers, the bank grew. In 1994, John W. Hay, Jr. retired as president passing leadership of the bank to his sons, John W. Hay, III and Keith N. Hay.

1997 marked another year of growth for the bank. Under guidance of John and Keith, the West Branch was opened at 1987 Dewar Drive, accommodating development on the west side of the city and affording customers the convenience of two banking locations.

The turn of the century was marked by the discovery of prolific natural gas fields both north and east of Rock Springs. The development of these gas fields brought additional changes to the area. In August of 2006, the bank building at 333 Broadway was replaced by a brand new Main Office at 200 Second Street. The new facility was immediately recognized by the City of Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency as the Community Pride Award Winner for 2006.

On May 31, 2012, RSNB Bank, which from its inception in 1892 operated as Rock Springs National Bank, became a state-chartered financial institution and was required to remove the "National" reference from its name. The state charter had become a better "fit" for community banks and allowed RSNB Bank to better achieve its community-focused goals.

John W. Hay, III retired as president of the bank in 2014 and Keith N. Hay retired as vice president in 2016. Long-standing chief financial officer, Ben K. Hansen, was appointed as president in 2014 and Keith's son, Ozzie Hay was appointed to succeed him as vice president in 2016. RSNB Bank intends to continue to operate as an independent community bank tied only to the needs of the community and its customers for many years to come.

Board of Directors

  • Ben K Hansen, Chairman
  • Lori A. Hall
  • Heather A. Anderson
  • John E. Hay, Secretary
  • Jack E. Costantino
  • Leonard W. Hay
  • Jason D. McFadden