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Debit Card Safety

RSNB Bank or the Fraud Detection Center may call you to verify that unusual transactions with your debit card are legitimate, but will not ask for personal identifying information. Otherwise we will never call, email, or text you asking you for any personal information regarding your ATM or debit card. Do not respond to any phone calls claiming your ATM or debit card has been disabled, instructing you to press a number to connect to a representative or change your PIN. These are fraudulent calls and the caller is attempting to steal your card information.

When Using an ATM

As you approach the ATM, be on the alert for any suspicious persons or circumstances. If you observe or sense something is wrong, DO NOT USE THE ATM. Come back at another timer or use another ATM at a different location.

Skimming and How to Avoid It

When a debit/credit card is skimmed, data on the card, including the account number is electronically transmitted or stored. That information can then be encoded onto a counterfeit card and used anywhere your debit/credit card can be used. For example, skimming devices can be installed at an ATM or at gasoline pumps.


The skimming device fits over the real ATM card reader slot. If the card has wiggle room or there is a gap and something appears to be glued into place, the ATM may have been tampered with. To reduce your risk at an ATM, use machines at banks rather than convenience stores or other isolated locations. It is less likely for a thief to attach a device at a bank where there is more surveillance.

Gasoline Pumps

Skimming devices are installed inside the pumps in minutes. A gas pump key can fit several different pump housings at several different stations; therefore allowing for quick and easy access to install the skimming device. If you pay at the pump using your debit card, select credit which does not require your PIN.

Protecting your Card & PIN

  • Always protect & secure your ATM/Debit card like you would your cash, checks and credit cards. Contact the Fraud Prevention Center immediately at 800-554-8969 if your card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect unauthorized use.
  • Do not give out your card number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Don't leave your ATM/Debit card lying around where someone would have the opportunity to pick it up and use it.
  • Never loan your card to anyone.
  • Keep your PIN secret and never give it to anyone.
  • NEVER write your PIN on your ATM/Debit card.
  • Try to always keep your eyes on your ATM/Debit card during a transaction so your card will not be switched or used for another purchase unauthorized by you.
  • If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, or you suspect fraud, report it IMMEDATELY to the bank or the number on the back of your card to limit any financial loss.