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Mobile Text Banking

Text your account and receive texts back! You can receive account-specific information directly to your mobile device.

With Mobile Text Banking you can:

  • View your account balances.
  • View recent transactions.
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM.

Get Started with Mobile Text Banking in Minutes

You must be signed up for Online Banking and be enrolled in Mobile Banking to use this service.  If you are not signed up for Online Banking enroll now to sign up before you start using Mobile Text Banking.

If you are already signed up for Online Banking but are not enrolled in Mobile Banking the first time that you signed into Online Banking by using a standard computer, the system automatically presented you with a pop-up page offering you the opportunity to enroll in Mobile Banking.  If you clicked “Decline” or “Ask Me Later” upon your initial log in on the website, you can still enroll in Mobile Banking from the website by clicking on “Profile” and selecting “Enroll Now” in the Mobile Banking profile section.  When going through the Mobile Banking set up it will have you select a Nickname for your accounts.  The Nickname will be the unique identifier for each account that the system will use for Mobile Text Banking.  You can view or change the nicknames at any time by logging into Online Banking, selecting “Profile” and then “Manage Devices” under the Mobile Banking Profile.  Once in Manage Devices select “My Accounts” and you can see the nickname you have chosen.

Want more information?

Text Banking Commands

Send a text to 99588 with one of the commands below:

B, BAL, BALANCE - Retrieves the account balance for all accounts that have access to Mobile Banking.

STMT, TRAN, HIST (followed by account nickname) - Retrieves transaction activity for the account nickname you specify after the command.  If your transaction history response ends with “Reply NEXT or MORE” text NEXT or MORE to view more transactions.

ATM 82901 - Retrieves list of ATM locations for RSNB Bank.

BRANCH 82901 - Retrieves list of branch locations for RSNB Bank.

HELP - Retrieves valid text commands and contact information.

STOP - Cancels your Text Banking service.

Text Banking commands are not case-sensitive.

If you are experiencing issues setting up or accessing Mobile Banking, refer to our Mobile Banking FAQ's for solutions to common problems and answers to commonly asked questions.