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Mobile Deposit Endorsement

When depositing a check through the RSNB Mobile App, make sure you use the endorsement listed below. 

Your signature AND “For Mobile Deposit at RSNB Bank Only” is required for all checks deposited via RSNB Mobile Deposit.

If you deposit a check without this mandatory endorsement, the check will be rejected. You will receive an email notification that your “transaction was rejected during review” and “Reject Reason: Missing Restrictive Endorsement” at the email address on file for your RSNB Bank account. 

Mobile Deposit Endorsement FAQs

Is this a RSNB Bank requirement or will all financial institutions have this requirement?

This requirement is the direct result of a change to federal Regulation CC (Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks) and applies to all remote deposit capture services.  It affects all financial institutions, not just RSNB Bank.  Each financial institution establishes its own procedures related to remote deposit capture services.

Is this endorsement required on all checks I deposit at RSNB Bank?

No, this endorsement only applies to mobile deposits and is not required when you visit the bank.

Why is this endorsement required? It's so much longer than a regular endorsement.

We know the endorsement is long, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. This longer endorsement is being used to protect your deposits so that items are not accidentally presented a second time at another bank when they have already been deposited via RSNB Mobile Deposit.

Can I use the check box in the endorsement area rather than using this new endorsement.

No, the mobile deposit check box and space for the date is for your record keeping and unfortunately does not meet the requirement for mobile deposits.